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The stories of the garments we wear begin long before we put them on... 


The origin of any piece of clothing is not only in the mind of the designer but in the fields where the crops are grown for fibre, or in the mines where oil is extracted to eventually create polyester, or the laboratories where the chemistry for dyes is developed. When you follow the traces back and consider every aspect of the production process, an overwhelmingly vast picture appears. If you were to follow the story on foot it would take you around the world touching land, sea and sky. The impact of clothing production is therefore equally far reaching, affecting the health and well being of people, animals and their environments.

It is therefore vital to have an ethical approach to creating and wearing clothing. My aim is to make garments as well as possible, in the fullest sense of the word. This means making use of existing materials,  choosing any new materials carefully and making versatility and longevity a priority in the design. 

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